Monday, November 2, 2009

Seven Principles of "Too Lazy"

I was "too lazy" to deal with hospital staff, so I chose to have my baby at home.
When I was "too lazy" to deal with formula and bottles, I breastfed.
I was "too lazy" to start my 4 month old on solids, so I continued to breastfeed.
When I was "too lazy" to listen to my crying child, I responded to their needs.
I was "too lazy" to take my baby out of the stroller 5 times an outing, so I carried him.
When I was "too lazy" for a bedtime struggle, I massaged him.
I was"too lazy" to get out of bed 8 times a night to check on my wakeful babe, so I co-slept.
When I was "too lazy" to search for a day care, I quit my job to stay home.
I was "too lazy" to raise a hand to him, so I gave him hugs instead.
When I was "too lazy" to argue about how I raised my child, I found supportive friends.

I started thinking that attachment parenting is too hard; I just remind myself: I am just "too lazy" to do it any other way.