Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wearing our Children

When I was 12, we visited family in California. My aunt had recently had a baby, and I LOVED helping take care of him. A huge part of who I am as a parent came from that trip to Disneyland, wearing my cousin in a Snugli. My cousin cried frequently when not being held, so I remember thinking how much easier it was to just wear him. And I knew he was safe in my arms in the crowded theme park. So started my love of "babywearing," though now I know it isn't just for babies.

First carrier: Baby Bjorn
This was a bed  sheet! Tied with the right knot, it was comfier than the Bjorn for my big boy!
This was our knotted sling, made from muslin cloth and dyed by me.
Upgrade: Ergo.
Looking for something different while pregnant. Bolt of muslin tied in a shoulder carry.
Would you, could you, on a boat?
Baby bonding + video games= Daddy heaven
Mesh ring sling.
My first real ring sling, can you believe it?
Generally, the sling helps me cover a bit more. L2 decided to take a peek.
Naptime during a family fair.
Custom Mai Tie, made by me. Padded, adjustable, comfortable, and I even made a matching diaper bag!

Nursing while hiking. Lucky boy!
Mesh ring sling at the beach. Kept him nice and secure in the waves! 
Good for tired boys at Pike Place Market
Used only on well known, well marked trails at low speeds.
Tired toddler and preschooler in tourist town Leavenworth? Saved by the Ergo and new Boba!

It has been quite an adventure.