Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tell All Tuesday

So it has been a few weeks.

I have yelled.
I have re actively smacked a toddler cheek when he gave me a titty-twister trying to convince me to breastfeed. I also apologized for it.

We are working on getting back to little/no tv. It is a slower process this time, as this is one tired, pregnant momma. Even in the 2nd trimester and no longer sick, keeping moving take A LOT.

Today we spent half the day watching TV, but we also painted, played chef, read books and raced cars.

This weekend I am "competing" in Warrior Dash. At 17 weeks pregnant, I am really just going to say I went and not pushing it. But, I do intend to put my best effort in!

I feel I am failing a little at leading my online book club. We are reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. I am only half way, though it is an easy, and engaging read.