Thursday, October 7, 2010

I hereby dub thee: "Intacterrorists".

Here it is: my first "I'm so mad I could spit, but too sad about the events to let them pass idly by" blog post.

You might have heard this horribly sad story about a mother who lost her baby just a few days ago. A sweet boy who was fighting a Congenital Heart Defect, and his Dr's gave them the ok to circumcise, which may or may not have been the reason for his death. And the horrible comments that followed, blaming this mother for "killing her child by deciding to circumcise."

Most people know that L1 is circumcised. L2 is not. We live, we learn, we do better in the future. I now take efforts to ensure other parents have the chance to avoid the feelings of regret I have about hurting L1 in this way by providing them with the information I never even thought to look up before I became a part of a gentle parenting circle.

I never want to accost people about their decisions, or judge them. Same for bottle feeding. We do what we can with the information we have. So, I continue to provide information and speak out about the dangers relating to these decisions. All the while *trying* to not judge those who decide, or have no choice to do otherwise. (I'll admit, I'm not perfect at this, but I damn well know when to keep my mouth shut about it.)

To those who have taken their activist soap box to the extreme of accosting a mother in her darkest hour, I now revoke your name of intactavist. You are now INTACTERRORISTS. You have gone beyond working towards a greater good and made this about attacking people who don't show themselves to be fully aligned with your views. You do nothing to further the cause, you quite simply make the case for those saying the cause is for sensationalists. Go, take some time to contemplate how you would feel if you made a decision that ultimately cost your child their life (like getting in the car, 10x riskier by statistic). Then maybe think about apologizing. Personally, I am going to go hug my boys extra tight, and pray that I never have to think about losing them.


  1. everybody knows it was pro-circers posing as intactivists who attacked the mother. classic sabotage

  2. I might believe that if I hadn't seen comments from known "intactivists" on other pages.

  3. Everybody knows that it was WELL-KNOWN intactivists (excuse me, intacterrorists) that were posting this hate. Their names were on full display on Facebook - and nobody can deny the one who stole the dead baby's pictures and posted them on her blog... the most abusive and unstable "intacterrorist" in the whole crowd. This can't be blamed on anybody but them. Nice try though.

  4. Your story is *exactly* why people need to watch what they say. If you had been attacked by some of the intacterrorists after L1, would you have been more - or less - inclined to continue researching and make a different decision for L2?!
    Our actions have repercussions into the future. We need to think about that.
    Thanks for the post!
    ~Dionna @ Code Name: Mama

  5. Wow, I didn't see that craziness. As an intactivist and lactivist who does have some online memberships, I am appalled.

    Subbing to your blog.

  6. I came to read your other blog and I stumbled on this one. How horrifying. Just another example of an extremist hurting their cause with hate instead of boosting it with love. So sad.