Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lessons in a Book Winter Pt 4; Winter Wonderland Edition

Uncle Andrew busting it up.

L1 is excited. This weekend we are headed on our yearly trip to the mountains. Grandma made the slight mistake of telling him we were going in one week, which is unfathomable to a 3yo. He was ready to go RIGHT.THEN. It didn't help that it snowed the next day. And has kind of snowed everyday since. He calls Grandma to tell her he needs his snowmobile and is ready to go.

L1's new jacket and Arctic Cat hat.
So, of course, our weekly trip to the library required a search for snow related books. We ended up with a GORGEOUS non-fiction work called The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter's Wonder. It is filled with microscopic photographs of snowflakes, in all their glory. I love it, my boys like to flip through it and describe the flakes rather than read the information.

Monday: Our family is a snowmobiling family. We take many precautions when riding with the boys: there are harnesses to keep them strapped to us, and helmets that are REQUIRED, no exceptions. Also, being out in the snow means layers of clothing. So, Monday we will be having getting dressed races! I will split clothes to two ends of the hallway, then run back and forth putting on the next piece. We aren't concerned about teaching them to be in the harness, as they are very familiar with baby wearing, but we are concerned about them adjusting to wearing a helmet. Snowmobile helmets are full head and face, and can be daunting for kids. So, we will spend some time trying them on, getting them adjusted and hopefully getting comfortable with them.

Tuesday: Snow scenes! Paint, glitter glue, cotton balls, sequins. Need I say more?

Not your average Grandma!
Wednesday: We are making SNOW! I don't expect to have any real snow by then, so we have a snow making kit. If we happen to be lucky enough to have snow, we will be out playing in it. And maybe making some Snow Cream. (Just hush up about dirty snow.)

Snow Cream
1 gallon snow
3/4 cup maple syrup
2 tbsp vanilla
2 cups milk (in our case, almond)
Stir and eat!

What do your kids like to do when it snows?

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  1. The Snow Cream sounds incredible!!

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