Sunday, May 15, 2011

Getting on the Ball!

Remember how I was talking about sharing our shortcomings? Here is where I do just that. I'm not looking for sympathy. Just to be authentic about where I am, and where I hope to go from here. 

If you haven't heard yet (which would surprise me!) we are expecting Little Three! Due about Christmas time, we are still pretty early into the pregnancy. That  said, I already feel my shortcomings in my parenting because of the constant nausea. I am lucky not not be the kind of woman who is puking all the time, but I still feel like doing it all the time! (For the record: We won't find out the sex, we are not hoping one sex or another, we are planning our second HBAC, yes I am still nursing L2 and very occasionally L1, we still all co-sleep and don't have a plan for changing that.)

I think I have realized (here comes a "duh" moment) my kids don't like to just sit and watch movies all the time.  After being so good about going screen free, they no longer are entertained by it like they used to. The more I try to just lay here, the more they jump on me, adding to my nausea.

Also, I have had a few times this week when I couldn't go where I wanted to because I haven't had clean laundry to do wear out of the house. I have barely kept up the keeping our living space picked up.

All this, and I am only at 9 weeks! 9 weeks, and I am concerned about failing. This is going to be a long next 7ish months if I feel that way already. So, I need to make a game plan. Something to just work through, one day at a time.

  • Wake up, bathroom, breakfast
  • Rest/Read books (I need to move pretty slowly in the mornings right now.)
  • Get out first activity box for kids
  • Do a load of laundry
  • Clean up activity box
  • Pick second activity box
  • 15 minute timer to clean bathroom
  • Make lunch
  • Nap/read book/quiet time!
  • Have some 1-on-1 time with L1 while L2 naps
  • 15 minutes to clear living room/play area
  • Put together dinner
  • Pack up bags for Zumba (Yup, still going twice a week, and hope to keep it up! After all Zumba Changes Lives!)
That takes the day. It can translate to the next day with few alterations.

The other half of the story. I am so freaking emotional. I cried ONE time in my first pregnancy. None my second. I was all kinds of bitchy. This time, I cry at things I have seen a million times. I am seriously short tempered. I make one or two attempts to redirect my kids before I find myself screaming at them. I don't *think* I am too bitchy, not yet anyways. I am really hoping that by getting the rest of our day worked out, there will be less screaming and arguing. We'll see, right?

I love my family. I love my kids, and can't wait to see how this next baby fits into the picture.

Feel free to share any shortcomings you have had, create a sense of solidarity! No judgments, just respect for where we are in our lives right now!

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  1. Btdt. Pregnancy is hard. Parenting preschoolers is hard. Give yourself some grace. You'll get through.