Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Birth of L2: August 20th, 2009

As I began to write my birth story for L3's birth, I realized that L2 was never cross-posted here. So, enjoy while I work out my thoughts on my latest birth!

After many days of warm-up labor, I felt we were at the real thing Monday afternoon. Went to bed about 10 that night after calling our doula to warn her things were happening, but we were going to try to sleep. I woke up to strong contractions at about 1:30am. After an early morning of getting things put together, kicking out family at 9ish, midwife check about 9:30, we then had a whole day of uneven contractions. It wasn't until 10pm, when I realized that L1 was about to spend his first night away from my husband and me, that I needed to put my all into this and not just wait and see.

(Totally loose track of time in this part. Somewhere between 1am and conclusion at 6:35am.) So we walked, then I started telling myself when to have contractions. I would tell myself "Now," a contraction would start, I would be with it, it would resolve, I would take a drink and a breath, then start it again. Soon after they took the pace on their own and we were officially in to hard labor. As things became more difficult, I spent time in the shower and in the labor tub. I remember getting angry that it hurt so bad! I would hit the tub edge. When I was getting IV antibiotics for Strep B, I was stuck to many times, my midwife's assistant FELL on me (I am sure she was horrified) and when my midwife broke my water she accidentally stuck me with the tool. At that point I WHINED. I complained that it wasn't fair for it to hurt so bad, people
falling on me, being stabbed with everything. I was told I was complete, second check revealed I wasn't. Midwife left for another birth, I had a backup midwife come (who was wonderful as well, even if I did hate her for the great help she was in pushing aside a cervical lip when I couldn't wait to push anymore.)

Finally, my son was born at 6:35am, in my bed! He was born with his hand next to his cheek, causing all the trouble! 8lbs 12 oz, 21in. I had 8 stitches to repair tearing, then we spent the rest of the morning sleeping, IN MY OWN BED! It was amazing. Now, 3 weeks later I am back to work, can chase
my toddler around again, and am almost 100%. I couldn't imagine a better way for things to go, as they all went in the way to bring me to my amazing HBAC! I really do feel like a REAL woman now.

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