Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tell All Tuesday September 13th, 2011

This Tuesday Tell All, I am glad to say, is a bit brighter than the last few. Things are finally working better for me. I found some things that work, and am working on learning new things to change my perspective.

I started reading "Confident Parents, Remarkable Kids" by Bonnie Harris. A simplistic explanation of the idea presented is that kids WANT to be in line with us, and behavior (good or bad) is just their way of trying to communicate it with us and it is up to us to keep from taking offense and decode their message. I am not very good at it yet, and sometimes when I get angry I think it is crap. But, when I am calm and my brain is actually functioning properly, I know that it is true. My two year old is NOT actually out to drive me nuts. What good would that do him? Check out more from Bonnie Harris.

26 weeks
Little Three is getting stronger. Not really too active with hitting and kicking, but is quite squirmy. New babies may be all that and a bag of chips, but the squirmy feeling starts driving me nuts after a bit. I keep trying to tell him/her that there is no escape for a while yet, and with my ribs and lungs up and cervix and pelvis down, it would be great if s/he would aim outward, but no such luck. But, we are starting to run out of room, so I know s/he is just trying to find more space. 

The one sad note for this week is a prayer for a woman who was my connection to the group where I found the friends who now surround and support me. We didn't know each other very well or very long, but she touched my life and I can never thank her enough. Whitney is a bright young woman, with two beautiful children, who has bravely battled colon cancer for 3 years. That battle seems to be drawing to end, and I wish her great peace, and her family all the love I could send. I only wish I lived closer so I could do more.

A Blue Candle, for Colon Cancer Awareness.
Whitney, you are a light to so many people.
I hope this isn't the end, and if it is it means peace for you and your family.

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