Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gratitude Challenge

I was just thinking that most of my posts lately have been a lot of complaining. Then, my lovely friend Amanda over at Let's Take the Metro sent out a Thanksgiving challenge. 100 things you are grateful for. Sounds perfect. So, ready set, here I go.

  1. My husband. He is husband and daddy extraordinaire. 
  2. L1, he is so caring and funny!
  3. L2. He is really his own person, and won't let you forget it!
  4. L3. Even though we have yet to meet, you bring wonder to my day.
  5. When new recipes are a hit.
  6. Comfy pillow arrangements.
  7. Friends
  8. The "adult" jokes hidden in kid's movies.
  9. Cute cloth diapers.
  10. "Baby" Carriers
  11. Coffee
  12. Flavored syrups
  13. Caring Midwives
  14. Awesome Doulas
  15. Yoga pants
  16. Giant closets
  17. Fleece blankets
  18. Hair color in rainbow colors
  19. Social Media outlets. I know, but I DO get a lot of good things out of it!
  20. Braxton Hicks. Trying to think positive here.
  21. My mom, now that we have things figured out.
  22. My sister, for everything she does for us.
  23. My brothers, who are awesome uncles.
  24. My dad, who is the kindest grumpy old man ever.
  25. Amazing support communities
  26. Properly cooked bacon: crisp, but not brittle
  27. Leftovers
  28. The Hunger Games series
  29. Knit hats
  30. Knit scarves
  31. Wool coats
  32. My chiropractor! 
  33. Grace. The only thing keeping me from drowning in guilt.
  34. Brothers playing and laughing together
  35. Music, to match any mood, and alter them as well.
  36. Tea. From soothing and warm to robust and iced!
  37. Sleep. Uninterrupted, warm and cozy sleep.
  38. Family bed. Knowing my whole family is tucked and safe in arms reach.
  39. Washer and dryer in my house. Dirty diapers don't make friends in laundromats.
  40. My camera, so I can have more memories on record than my mind can hold.
  41. Belly Buddies: Jorje, Shannon, Dionna, Roxanne, Lauren, and even those whose babies weren't ready for this world.
  42. Freshly made beds. 
  43. The health of my family.
  44. Scented candles
  45. The Library
  46. My neti pot
  47. Restaurants, especially ones  that work with our food sensitivities.
  48. Bubble baths
  49. People who can have respectful conversation, even if our ideas don't match.
  50. Yarn
  51. Being able to create things from yarn.
  52. Irving Berlin, for writing a soundtrack to this list. 
  53. Klesick Family Farms for their organic produce delivery
  54. Homebirth
  55. My husband's job.
  56. Health insurance
  57. My ability to sew
  58. Living in a mostly like-minded area
  59. Disney
  60. Le Leche League: for helping me find my tribe and giving me a place to help others
  61. Yoga, for helping my body stay loose and able to breath.
  62. People who fight for what is right, in hopes of a better future for all
  63. The family spa at the rec center.
  64. Massage
  65. The holiday season and its reminder to us to think of others.
  66. Intuitive parenting and how it helps our family
  67. Learning acceptance of my emotions
  68. Trader Joe's. 
  69. Zumba
  70. Babylegs, sometimes the only thing my kids will wear.
  71. Skype playdates
  72. Pickles: can't be sad while eating a pickle!
  73. Cheese, and it's many personalities and combinations.
  74. Movies. A great break from reality.
  75. Slipper socks
  76. Hot showers
  77. Public Transportation. It saves us so much!
  78. "Traveling" maternity clothes, so we don't all have to buy a new wardrobe.
  79. Stores who recognize the need for allergy sensitive foods.
  80. Candles
  81. Children's joy of learning, always inspiring more learning for all of us.
  82. My Crock Pot
  83. "Vaginas at Christmas"
  84. Good microbrews
  85. Good wine
  86. Hugs, even though I am still learning to accept them.
  87. Children's programming I can watch with my kids.
  88. The Natural Parents Network team.
  89. Blogger, for the space to share myself.
  90. The support and readiness I feel after my Mother Blessing.
  91. Christmas music
  92. Holiday movies
  93. Gorgeous maternity portraits
  94. My garden
  95. Nutritional supplements that help when food is not enough.
  96. New batteries in my car key clicker after 2 years without.
  97. Home
  98. Bedtimes
  99. Friends who can explain bloggy tech speak to me
  100. That my life is amazing enough to have 100 things to share I am grateful for!

Check out some other grateful people this Thanksgiving and holiday season, and feel free to share yours!


  1. What a great list! It is so YOU, and I feel like I've learned even more about you by reading it.

    I love that you included Vaginas at Christmas. That really sounds like it should be a holiday special.

  2. Such a beautiful list! I am snuggling with my youngest on the couch nursing and enjoying round 2 of Thanksgiving dinner. I decided to read through every list linked up through Amanda's blog because they are all so uplifting. I love bow so many of us over lap on some things, especially the sit and quirky ones. Pretty sure every list I have read so far had crock pots on it.

  3. That should say the "fun and quirky ones" dang phone!

  4. I'm so thankful for you as a belly buddy too. Being able to talk to other people going through what I'm going through has been such a great relief this pregnancy.

  5. OMG Yoga Pants! I have 1 pair and it is one of the last remaining things I can still fit my big pregnant self into at this point! I love my yoga pants.

    Rainbow colored hair color - yes!! like you, I can relate to stuff on your list that didn't even occur to me to include on my own list. Though after I posted, I laid in bed and thought of other things I could have listed.

    respectful conversation - nice one!

    I love baby legs! I should probably start trying them on Sasha for this Winter. She is all about the "nekkid baby" these days!

    Oooh, I love hot showers! The hot water in our new place never runs out! (because they have the heater turned insanely high!)

    now where do I find some of these traveling maternity clothes? Because I feel so huge and occasionally depressed about leaving the house in my pajama pants AGAIN.

    Great list, Jennifer. I'd give you hugs, if I could reach you. :)

  6. Coffee! Every list I've read so far has included coffee!

    And I agree with you about massage and cheese. Cheese? How did you not make it onto my list? Mysterious ...

    I hope that you and your family enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving!

  7. I need to get me some yoga pants.

    I think you can delete this entire list and just include 'Pickles' 100 times over. Crunchy, tart, mouth orgasms in a stick...OK, that's going a little too far....

    Thank you for including yourself in this challenge :)