Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tell All Tuesday, February 21st, 2012: My Spot

So, it isn't perfect. It gets drafty in the winter, but that works out now that we have downstairs neighbors! It has a chaise style cushion to lounge on. When I am organised, what I need is within reach. Except my other children when they start fighting, of course. It is My Spot.

A caddy of handy supplies. An ever rotating stack of books to lure my other children to some quiet time while I breastfeed baby. I know it might look like a box of tissues, but I found it to be a cheap container for a ball of yarn and project. Right now: a scarf requested by L1. And of course my laptop. So I have some kind of contact with the outside world when my whole life seems tied to My Spot.

All the usual suspects: water (usually I don't remember and someone brings it for me!), diaper supplies, remotes, pacifiers my baby rarely deems worthy, deodorant for when I realize I can't stand the smell of myself. There is also a changing pad, but it rarely gets pulled out. 

Do you have a Spot? The best place in the house to snuggle your little ones, read, knit, work, surf the internet? What are your "On Hand Must Haves"? Share with me!

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  1. I love this post! I don't think I can get a camera angle to cover my spot. :-P I either sit at my desk (the only seat with a BACK in our space) or I sit on the end of our bed. There is a big cup of water on the corner of my desk by the bed and there is a caddy on the bed holding changing pads, cloth wipes, spray bottle, thermometer, butt cream and a snappi. The other side of my desk is the closet, where I keep the babies' "dressers" and diapers and breast pads. I often place a stack of diapers on the bed for more convenience.