Friday, May 11, 2012

Just Another Mom, and That is Enough.

There are plenty of conversations going on about the "extreme parenting" idea of attachment parenting. I don't want to talk about the latest article. All that matters is what works for my family. I didn't set out to follow any kind of script with my parenting style. I knew before my children were born that I wanted to have a natural birth. That I wanted to breastfeed. I knew babywearing made things much easier. I had stories of babies sleeping better when in their parents arms. I don't think I learned what Attachment Parenting was until my first child was 5 or 6 months old, and I was trying to find friends with similar ideas.

Moms have tough jobs. Love your kids, love yourself, love your partner, take care of your home, kids, car, job, school, I could go on forever. I know moms of all different styles. I have only seen one bad mom, who abandoned her son for drugs (though, it was likely for the best in the long run for her child when he was placed with a loving family.) I know moms who don't breastfeed, couldn't, use formula, use donated milk, breastfeed for a little while or leave it to their children. Moms who work, go to school, stay home, work from home, work nights, use a nanny, use a day care, trade days with other moms. Some sleep with their kids, others find their family needs separate sleep space. Discipline in a wide range of ways.  Still, what matters? What works for us.

So, if someone asks you if you are "Mom Enough," try not to think of it a pitting one style of parenting against another (even if that is what THEY want you to think.) Ask yourself: are you mom enough for your children? Do you do your best to meet their needs, as well as your own? Do you make decisions based on what is possible for you in your current situation? I know that very frequently we feel the mommy guilt and think our children deserve better. Sometimes we feel beat down and think we deserve better. But, dig down to the nitty gritty and look. Are you mom enough? Look at your children, best done while they are sleeping ;-), and know that if they are grubby from no more than good clean earth and comfortable, that you are enough. You are enough mom for your children. Because you are their mom, and that is enough.


  1. This. is. beautiful. I love the way you've challenged me to look within myself... I only wish you'd written this 3 years ago! :) Beautiful reminder of what it really is about.

  2. "[I]f they are grubby from no more than good clean earth and comfortable, that you are enough. You are enough mom for your children. Because you are their mom, and that is enough."

    Aw. This gave me the shivers.

    Thank you so much for sharing — so true!

  3. This is beautiful, and so true. As much as I'm upset and disappointed by the recent controversy, I am so grateful that it has sparked things like this post - reminders that most moms really do respect one another, no matter how differently they may parent. We are *all* enough.

  4. I totally agree. No two moms will ever parent the same way and we can all learn from one another and love each other in our differences. :) The only people who can stop the mommy wars are the mommies.

  5. The Time article may have stirred up some negativity, but I have seen so much positivity come out of this. I think mommies are finally getting sick of the mommy wars. :)

  6. This is wonderful, it is so refreshing to see parents like this. That article caused a lot of uproar, which I guess they were expecting. I am excited to see all the links that show what positives came from it.

    Wonderful post!