Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Son: The Culinarian

At the store L1 has never shopped at today:

L1: We need cheese.
Me: We have cheese at home.
L1: We need snow white cheese. (All white things are SNOW white.)
Me: I have string cheese at home.
L1: No, I need to talk to the cheese person. (Not sure how he knew this store had a cheese person.)
Go up to cheese counter.
Cheesemonger (CM): Can I help you?
Me: My son says he needs cheese, and only you can help him.
CM: What kind of cheese?
L1: Snow white.
Me: Hard or soft?
L1: Little hard, kindof soft.
CM: I have something. It is mild, good for introducing kids to cheese. Would you like to taste?
L1: This is hard.
CM: It will get softer it you let it sit for a bit.
L1: (Tastes) Hmm. This is good. We'll take this one.
Me: You want that one?
L1: Yes! We need to take some home.
Me: Ok, then.

My child: he knows good food, and knows what he wants. We ate the cheese for an appetizer. He also chose the halibut that we poached in coconut milk. And the grilled lobster. He devoured the baby artichokes and garlic roasted marble potatoes with pearl onions as well. He has expensive tastes...