Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Super Undies! A Review

L2 decided recently that he no longer wanted to wear diapers. Buuuut, he does not really wake up to go potty. Some nights he doesn't need to, but other nights he wakes and is REALLY upset about being awake. Too upset to potty. So we needed a non diaper solution, and because we are a cloth diapering family, disposable pull ups were not an option.

Enter Super Undies. The Nighttime Undies Potty Training Pants to be exact.

The sizing didn't quite match up for us, but my boy is built like a little tank. He is 37lbs and this is the Large. I think we might have gotten away with a Medium and done fine with a little less bulk, but it still works just fine. Plus room to grow can be nice, since it still does the job.

And it does the job. No leaks. No washing sheets every day. And washing the Super Undies is easy. I just flip it inside out so the attached insert flips out and toss it in with the cloth diapers. (It isn't suggested, but the times hubby tossed it in without flipping, it all came unfolded on its own!) Overnight piddle is not the rosiest of smells, but a wash and some time in the sun and Super Undies were fresh and ready to go again.

**I received the Nighttime Undies Potty Training Pants to review. The review is my own thoughts, without pre-approval from the Super Undies company. Anything I review will be in line with the way we live, and will have my honest opinion.**

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