Sunday, April 28, 2013

Faith, Trust, and a Little Bit Of Poetry

I decided to give Hobo Mama's Poetry Challenge a try. Hope you enjoy!

Weekly Parenting Poetry Workshop


Loving you before
I ever meet you
Trusting life will always be
The greatest lesson I could ever
Learn. Welcome to the great
Endevor. I have the greatest
Optimism that you will
Never be alone
Every hope is yours


He loves me
For my eyes
My smile
My laugh
He loves me
For my hair
My body
My life
He loves me
For my strength
My endurance
My compassion
He loves me
For my fears
My anger
My faults
He loves me
Without change
He loves me
For me


Life is always life
Always moving forward
Breathe, Eat, Sleep
Life is always life
Yet two are never same
Even one sees constant change
Life is always life
Some are grand or modest
Others sad or destitute; But
Life is always life
Each life is different
Each life a chance
We choose the paths
That change our life; But
Life is always life


  1. all three of these are wonderful and so interestingly different from each other...
    I didn't see the "little one" at first and it was a great surprise. The first two lines just make me happy.
    The partner poem is sooooo beautiful. May be one of my favorite love poems ever.
    and the Faith poem seems like song lyrics to me. I just feel music underneath.
    I really enjoyed these!

  2. So glad you joined us! I love the rhythmic repetition you inject into your poetry.

    As Tree said, those first two lines are so Yes. And the partner poem is such a testament to the way love should be. Your faith poem is deeply meaningful. Thank you for sharing!

  3. "life is always life" - so much meaning!
    I love your Trust poem as well - "Trusting life" > Yes!

  4. The little one poem is so sweet and the love poem, just right. :)I agree with Tree about the last one, definitely musical.