Friday, May 3, 2013

They are One and the Same

So, I managed a couple more poems from Hobo Mama's poetry challenge. I really have enjoyed (sweet, I tied in this week's theme!) a chance to stretch my fried brain in a different way lately.

Weekly Parenting Poetry Workshop


Noise, Sound, Vibe
Hear it, Feel it, Live it
Music, Ambiance, Voice
Machine, Nature, Enviroment
Pulsing, Flowing, Absorbing
Need it, Want it, Love it
Blaring, Slamming, Obtrusive
Hate it, Fear it, Fight it
Noise, Sound, Vibe
Hear it, Feel it, Live it


Everyday is new
Your smiling face reminds us reexamine our world
Every moment seems to be the first
We forget the old, and see them fresh
Everything we know
We learn again through your eyes
How time can change
This world we live in
How you can change
The lives we know
How we strive for
A better life for you
How Every deed is for you


  1. I LOVE them both. The first one is delicious in it's rhythms. Of course I love words anyway. I'm loving it more because I kind of tried a few times to do something with words and couldn't manage to my satisfaction.
    and the second is just true true true.
    beautifully expressed. My husband and I said many times how we were able to see and experience everything new again through her eyes...
    and "Every deed is for you.".... oh, yes.

  2. Glad to see you join in the challenge! I enjoyed how the play poem just seems like an intense play session. I totally feel that one! The second is a wonderful reminder of the newness of a child's world.

  3. Love your Learn poem. So true: we get to experience life again through their eyes!

  4. The rhythm and music of your poetry is so inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing again!

    I love the repetition of words and phrases — it gives the first poem such a drive.

    And the lines:
    "Everything we know
    We learn again through your eyes"