Wednesday, May 29, 2013

From Hobbiton to Rivendell: A Family Cycling Tale

We are on an adventure. It started as a combined effort to save gas and exercise more. It became more. It made us rethink how we plan our grocery lists, schedules, time with our children, wardrobes, homeschooling, and diet. To motivate ourselves, we set a goal.

Our family is going to bike the distance of Hobbiton to Rivendell.

Our progress as of  May 29th, 2013.
We aren't going on a grand long distance, touring adventure. Mainly just in our hometown. Which just happens to be the perfect size for dominating by bike. Our set up includes 2 adult bikes, one pulling a double trailer and the other a trail-behind tandem attachment. We go to the library, park, grocery shopping, fishing, produce stand... if it is in our town, we almost feel ridiculous packing everyone into the car to go.  Then we just add it all up, working towards reaching 458 miles by my birthday on October 15th. We started March 19th, so we needed to ride about 20 miles a week. So far we are doing well, and have cut our need to ride average to less than 15 miles a week. If the weather cooperates, we may even make our goal by L1's birthday, a month early!

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