Friday, November 29, 2013

'Twas the Day After Thanksgiving

The turkey was perfect. The potatoes divine.
The pies were almost too tasty for people to believe they were mine.
Then we settled ourselves down for an after dinner nap,
to plan and draw out our Black Friday map.

Our needs are not many, our wants may seem quaint.
But our bank account isn't amazing, it just ain't.
Even still, we enjoy the gift giving season,
And it is unfair to say that greed and consumerism is always the reason.

With an uncle to stay with my children, left to sleep where they are
My husband, sister, brother and friend piled into the car.
First stop was for eggnog latte, the first seasonal delight
Even though the sky was still dark as night.

At the first shop on the list, there isn't really a line,
We've chatted and sang carols, it was really just fine.
There was less of a frenzy to "go nuts,"
With most pausing for juice and doughnuts.

There were a few bumps and "Excuse me's,"
But we were adults, and could manage with "please,"
No need for shoving, in fact many lent a hand,
When only the highest shelf contained any more Candyland.

And so it went, until the dawn broke
Hundreds of people, not an ill word was spoke.
For one day it felt like we could could have it all,
But most importantly, we had a ball.

I have loved Black Friday shopping with my sister for over a decade. Even when I worked retail, I enjoyed the hustle and bustle of helping people find the perfect gift for their friends and families. Sure, every so often there are people who forget their manners, that happens in any situation. And there have been crazy things that happen, even devastating. I am not in a position to write in depth on our culture of classist behavior of judging Black Friday shoppers with statements like "If you can't afford it any other time of the year, you shouldn't be buying it on Black Friday." Or those who are so proud that they do all THEIR shopping ONLINE. I'm still not sure that gives everyone who chooses not to participate the right to judge and call names of those who do. I was kind of bummed out, and worn out, to find so many statements claiming that all Black Friday shoppers were crazy, greed driven consumerists, and destroying the enviroment.

I shouldn't have to explain that my Black Friday shopping consisted of socks, jammies, fabric for making gifts, and a few inexpensive DVDs. I saved what I could so that when today came, I could make my carefully planned (and very thoroughly researched price compared) purchases. Because I get great joy out of creating, collecting, and gifting. It is a labor of love, for me and anyone I have met on my Black Friday adventures. Please don't allow a small percentage of crappy people allow you to think it is ok to call names and make judgements on the general Black Friday shopper.


  1. agree with you completely. my sister and i have shopped together the day after t’giving for years — whenever work schedules allow it. we always had a great time and we have great memories. people love to sit back with their egg nog and make sweeping generalizations about things like black friday (about EVERTHING! :P) but i guess they can enjoy that while we have our own fun. ;o)

  2. I don't do it because I don't like the crowds. That said, I am glad you (and tons of other people) enjoy Black Friday shopping and there's certainly no reason anyone should judge you for taking advantage of amazing sales! Keep on keepin' on, JW. =)

  3. I love the way you do your shopping, and I know a few people who do it like you do. This was a really great post and I think you are amazing.