Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tell All Tuesday October 4th, 2011

I haven't made it to Zumba in a few weeks. I really miss it, but Mike's new work schedule makes it really easy to make excuses.

I am totally excited to cook the majority of our meals in our crock pot, now that fall is here. Even though I know the family goes a bit nutty when I use it for everything.

L2 is down to nursing once or twice a day. I am sad that this is not all by his choosing (though he mostly seems ok with it), but the fights that resulted from trying to cut off a session rather than skipping it all together were just brutal. I would rather gladly breastfeed twice a day than resent breastfeeding all the time.

Even though summer is my favorite season, October is one of my favorite months. Not just for my birthday (because honestly, birthdays kinda suck as a mom) but for the generally blustery but dry weather, cute fall clothes, pumpkin lattes, and it kicks off the whole holiday season that I love so much.

I know it doesn't seem like much, but these small confessions really do help me stay real, be honest with myself, and start working past the guilt. Saying that, I would like to invite you do the same. Either send your confession or send me a link to your own Tell All Tuesday post  BY SUNDAY OCTOBER 9TH to run a week from today, October 11th. Send to drumminor83 (@) juno (.) com. Let me know how you would like to credited, and I will gladly take pictures as well.

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